Dauphin Island Fire Rescue is always looking for new members. There is a role for anybody who is interested. We provide any training required to perform our duties safely.

Operational Members

The main focus of the Department is to provide fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical services to the community at large.  Our Operational Members are on the front line providing these services as Fire Fighters and Medical First Responders.

Administrative/Support Members

  • We are in need of Administrative/Support Members with experience in the following:
  • Office skills
  • Recruitment activities
  • Organizational skills
  • “What Would You Like to Do?” Skills


Volunteer firefighters operate and maintain the fire station’s firefighting equipment and keep the station ready to react to any emergency situation in the community it serves. In addition to their time spent at the station, volunteer firefighters are on call for emergency response 24 hours a day. Volunteers also provide special events coverage for fireworks, the fishing rodeo, concerts and festivals.

As a volunteer firefighter you will receive training to manage a variety of emergencies: structure and wild land fires, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies and hazardous materials spills.  Volunteers also perform rescue duties during natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.  Volunteer firefighters receive ongoing training in the latest emergency response techniques and technology.